About Me


Joanna of Bonadillo Web Studio LLC

[two-thirds][vertical-spacer]Fifteen years ago, I started tinkering around with my first bit of code — completely for fun! Little did I know websites would become my livelihood and my passion. I was so sure I was going to be an architect (then a record producer, then a professional oboist). Enter the University of Houston’s (Go Coogs!) Graphic Communications program. The moment I stepped into my first design class, I knew I was in the right place. Graphic Design brings together great visuals with creative problem-solving, which is right in my wheelhouse. With the technological boom in the last decade, making the choice to focus on websites was inevitable.

These days, I am a detail-oriented website designer and WordPress website developer. Problem-solving and clear communication are among my strengths, as is organization. I love organizing, whether it’s my closet or your content.

When I’m not improving my website strategy and coding skills, I’m probably drawing and thinking about dinosaurs, space, and dinosaurs in space.