Care & Hosting



Starting at $100 monthly or $1000 annually.

Maintenance and Care by Joanna

  • Website Support by proxy (I talk to the technical people)
  • Preventative Maintenance including plugin updates, WordPress updates, and me keeping up to date with any reported vulnerabilities and bugs with the plugins used on your website
  • Allowance of small, simple content updates at no extra cost
  • Access to premium plugins via developer/premium licenses that I subscribe to

WordPress Managed Hosting

  • Currently from Flywheel (subject to change)
  • Servers specialized for WordPress websites
  • An automatic SSL certificate
  • Up to 8 TB of Bandwidth (shared among my clients)
  • Keeps up to date with PHP Releases
  • Automatic Backups (and even backups for the backups)
  • A very decent server firewall
  • and more!

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